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Frequently Asked Questions
Who built the kennels?

Pole Building

We contracted Spahn and Rose out of Jesup, Iowa for the pole building.


We contracted


Jason poured the concrete floors.


Jason (with a little help from Kristi) built the interior. The office and some of the utility room are all that are left to complete.


We contracted Lite It Up Electric out of Dysart, Iowa for our phenomenal lighting.


Yet to be done - any volunteers?

Where did your kennel-specific materials come from?

The 'exterior' kennel panels were purchased from Beaver Valley Supply Company out of Atwood, Kansas.

The dog doors were purchased from Gun Dog House Doors.

The interior kennel crates are made by Smith Built Crates.

What do you feed?

We feed our adults a mix of foods from Blain's Farm and Fleet and Tractor Supply Co.

We feed our puppies and nursing mamas Diamond Puppy Food.

What other products do you recommend?

For help with shedding, we recommend Pala-Tech F/A Plus Chew Tabs.

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